Intentional focus. Transformational outcomes.

360intentionality was born out of a deep love for the Church and a passion and call to encourage and equip pastors and local churches to reach their exciting potential in the communities they love and serve so faithfully.

Many churches have mission statements, goals, and strategic plans. Those are vitally important. What is often missing, however, are the systems and structures in place to help the church actually pursue those goals and strategies.  Churches end up with binders on shelves from strategic planning and goal-setting sessions, but little forward progress to show for it. The end result can be frustration, discouragement, and unmet potential.

Rather than taking a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” template approach, 360intentionality offers positive and encouraging consulting and coaching to assist local churches in discerning and designing approaches that fit their unique ministry setting as they pursue their God-given vision.

360intentionality partners with pastors and churches in these areas:


systems Developing Healthy Church Systems


Systems without vision keep us busy.
Vision without systems keeps us stuck.


  • Overall Structure – designing alternative organizational structures for more effective ministry
  • Ministry – how we intentionally share the love of Jesus with our neighbors
  • Discipleship – how we help one another intentionally grow as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Leadership – how we develop leaders at all levels of our church
  • Worship Gatherings – how we plan, implement and continually improve the weekly gatherings
  • Evangelism – how we invite our neighbors to be part of our community
  • Connections – how we help first-time guest become fully-engaged participants
  • Financial Stewardship – how we develop joyful and generous givers
  • Communications – how we share news, invitation, and stories of transformation


plant Establishing New Faith Communities


  • Multisite expansions
  • Launching non-traditional gatherings (Pub Theology, Online Campuses, Church in a Diner, etc.)



checkup  “Fresh Eyes” Checkups


  • Communications Audit – reviewing and offering practical feedback on print and online communication tools
  • Guest Experience Audit – reviewing and offering actionable feedback on welcoming, hospitality and follow-up ministries



coach Leadership Coaching


Helping pastors define, refine and reach ministry leadership goals



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Ephesians 3:14-21